Demo version 0.13 of the Shinra Archeology Cut Final Fantasy VII mod is now available! This partial release takes players up to the party's departure from Midgar. Download the 252 MB .IRO file here! This mod is compatible with the 7th Heaven mod manager for the PC version of Final Fantasy VII. For step-by-step instructions on the importing process, please refer to 7th Heaven's troubleshooting documentation.

About the Mod

This fan-made mod for Final Fantasy VII has been created to accomplish two things.

First, it offers a full retranslation of the game's text that fixes mistakes in the original English translation; improves tonal accuracy using idiomatic language; and conforms to the localization choices of the Compilation and Remake trilogy where applicable to ensure continuity through the Final Fantasy VII series. The goal of this retranslation is to give English players a narrative experience and foundation of lore that is as close as possible to that of Japanese-speaking players.

Second, and optionally, this mod restores numerous events, maps, animations, and lines of dialogue that were cut from the final release. In 99 cases out of 100, this content has been mined from the original game files themselves. Only when absolutely necessary have the authors of this mod supplied the minimum amount of additional assets to ensure the functionality of the official scrapped elements. A full dump of the game's script is available on Google drive, with unofficial dialogue clearly demarcated.

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Restoration, Implementation, and Logo Graphics: Odysseus
Translation and Localization Continuity: TurquoiseHammer
Data Mining, Organization, and Annotation: Shademp
Original Script Mining: Herman1134 (Jason Maltz)